Saturday, May 16, 2015

Saturdays in the Garden - I Have to Work and It's Hard

Early Scarlet Globe Radishes (Seed Savers)



Still enjoying an abundance of radishes and lettuce but the best news is that my tomato and pepper starts are finally ready to go into the ground!  They did just need a little fertilizer because of the completely nutrient free media I grew them in this year (coconut coir).  A big Duh! but fertilization is a real weak spot for me.  I hear the word and just get confused.   For leaf development you want a fertilizer with a high value of one thing, for fruit you want to use a high of another and some plants prefer something altogether different.  Throw in the complication of wanting to only use organic fertilizers and I quit!  I actually think figuring out fertilizing was one of my goals for this year  - the growing season has barely even started and I'm already flailing.

The weather is lovely this evening!  The dogs and I spent about an hour outside all doing our favorite thing: Jasper gnawed on an old bone he found, Rudy kept up an intense surveillance of all squirrel activity in the vicinity and I cracked open a new mystery novel.  Ahhhhh.  The garden is looking relatively nice as well so I grabbed some pictures.

Beam's Pear and Juliet Tomatoes

Healthy and Sheepnose Pimento Peppers

Angelica. Note to self - It's HUGE. Will likely need to pull it as it's too big for my herb bed.

Garlic, Carrots, Asian Greens


Marigolds are good to plant around the garden as they repel a lot of pest insects!


I went back to work this week after a week off and it was fine and also kind of sucked at the same time.  My attitude was improved, I was relatively productive, there were no fires to put out.  Hunky dory...but I still wanted to slink off home and hug my dogs all week.

Making me feel especially pathetic about this is my current reading material: Robinson Crusoe (by Daniel Defoe). If this is also a hole in your classics reading, I will remind you it is about a guy in the 17th century, stranded on a deserted island.  He describes taking 42 days to make a board of wood out of tree with only an axe. Three days just to cut the tree down.  Boring, hardcore, strenuous, physical labor for 42 days to produce one board.  The amount of determination and will it would take to do something like that?  I don't have it.  Which is why I feel pathetic. And pretty ungrateful for my lot in life.


It's a Bout of Books week so I haven't been watching TV, I've been reading like nobody's business!

Here's my latest update as of Saturday Evening:

Time Spent Reading (including listening) Today: 6 hours
Books Read: 
Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe: 27 pages(total for week: 50 pages)

Turn Coat by Jim Butcher: 120 minutes
Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry: 40 minutes
Locke and Key: Alpha and Omega Vol. 6 by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez: 191 pages
Murder on St. Mark's Place by Victoria Thompson: 32 pages

Total Books Finished (whole week): 4
The Lewis Man by Peter May
Likelihood of Lucy by Jenny Holiday
Locke and Key: Clockworks Vol. 5 by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez
Locke and Key: Alpha and Omega Vol. 6 by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez
My reading spot. Rudy: Is there squirrel activity in there?

SUNDAY: Re-Read of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets It was still awesome.
MONDAY: Bout of Books Goal Post
TUESDAY: Top Ten Tuesday - Authors I'd like to meet. I didn't think I had any particularly desire to meet authors because...that would be awkward...but then I thought of all the interesting dead authors I wouldn't mind (tea) partying with!
WEDNESDAY: Mini Review of  The Mysterious Howling by Maryrose Wood. Totally charming middle grade historical/fantasy. 
THURSDAY: Tough Traveling: The Weasel.  Those characters in fantasy that are useful but not terribly trustworthy.
FRIDAY: Bout of Books Second Update.

SUNDAY:  Bout of Books Wrap Up Post

TUESDAY:  The Top Ten Tuesday topic is a freebie and I think I will list some books that fall under the Weird West banner.  This won't be a traditional top ten as I've only read a few of these but its a story type that I really like so I thought I'd also list some weird west books I'd like to read as well as the one I have.  Hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.
WEDNESDAY: Review of Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins.
THURSDAY: The Tough Traveling Topic this week is Dead Gods.  I have one recently read book that immediately comes to mind but crickets after that.  May skip this week and post a TBD review.  Hosted by Fantasy Review Barn.

Have a great week tending your corner of the garden!

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