Sunday, January 10, 2016

2016 Star Wars Challenge


I'm already breaking a couple of my resolutions!  But it's in service to another resolution so it's kind of like I'm crossing my fingers and it doesn't count right?

Anyhoo, I stated my resolve to read more media tie-ins and I specifically want to try some Star Wars related fiction.  So this Star Wars reading challenge hosted by Rhi Reading is perfect even if it does mean I'll be starting a new series AND joining a challenge.  I'm joining at the Walking Carpet level (4-8 books) which is perhaps a little ambitious but I can't resist the idea of being Chewbacca.  Who can, really?

I've done a little research and found a couple of interesting lists to get me started: - Where to Begin With Star Wars
AV Club - Your Guide to Star Wars' Expanded Universe
Omni Reboot -  10 best Star Wars Books Every Fan Must Read

I definitely want to try some of the newer books like Claudia Gray's Lost Stars, also the classic Timothy Zahn trilogy from the early 1990's and I'm quite intrigued by The Courtship of Princess Leia by Dave Wolverton.

If there are any experienced Star Wars novel readers out there, I'd appreciate other recommendations as well!  That's all for now.  Wish me luck and may the force be, you know, with you!

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