Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mystery and Mayhem

I've been catching up lately with a couple of my favorite mystery series.  They couldn't be more different than one another which is fun.

Sherlock Poster 
The second series of Sherlock seriously rocked.  I don't remember being as blown away by series one.  And though each series is only three episodes they cover a lot of ground.  Benedict Cumberbatch is a perfect Sherlock - odious and lovable at the same time.  Martin Freeman (and the writers I suppose) also does a fantastic job giving Watson a personality beyond being Sherlock's loyal, somewhat dimwitted companion. The chemistry the two of them have really shines and I think has a lot to do with why this modernization of the Sherlock stories works so well. I would go so far as to say that, this series, more than any of the others, and perhaps even the original books (don't kill me!), gives the two characters some really interesting depth and complexity.  The penultimate scene of this series is surprisingly affecting and heartwrenching - I'll admit to some watery eyes.  And it definitely ends on a note that left me anxious for a series 3 though it looks like it will be a good long wait

Murdoch Mysteries Poster
A reasonable, though maybe not 100% accurate, description of Murdoch Mysteries is a cozy mystery Canadian Style.  The characters are all a little caricaturesque, which gives the show a lighter tone. It takes place around the turn of the century in Toronto following Detective William Murdoch who employs and experiments with some of the more modern criminal investigation techniques of the time. I'm really fascinated by the birth of modern forensic science so I am understandably drawn to this show.  Murdoch's partner in his march into the future is the female coroner Dr. Julia Ogden.  Her character brings an interesting layer to the show because she introduces an exploration of the life of an early female professional - she's a strong female character and also serves as a romantic interest for Murdoch.  Their relationship is fun because in many ways Julia is the more worldly and confident of the pair.  I'm currently diving into Season 4 which is sadly Dr. Ogden deficient, at least in the first couple episodes. The mysteries are good however and Yannick Bisson is cute as a bug so I'm carrying on without too much angst. 

P.S. Julia shows up in Ep. 3!  Awkward conversations galore - Yee Haw!

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