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LONGMIRE | Thoughts | S. 2 | Eps. 1-6

A periodic post recording my ever so slightly obsessive watching of Longmire
Season two of Longmire starts with a helluva episode.  Unquiet Mind shows Walt at his most badass  with almost superhero-esque powers.  It also illustrates very clearly how Walt views his duty as sheriff.  It also helps clarify some of the more personal journeys he is on. His relationship with Cady is at an all time low and we see how very much this effects him.  We only see it in a hypothermic hallucination because Walt keeps his worry and love for his daughter buried deep as with all other emotions. 

In addition to the season opener of the series, the second episode illustrates how Longmire excels in hiring guest actors.  The two best scenes of the whole show in my opinion are by guest actors, one of which is in Carcasses. The regular cast does a great job as well, of course but the guest actors benefit from how emotional and beautifully written the scenes they are given are. 

The first half of season two sees Cady return and she and Walt making peace with each other and with what has gone before.  Also Vic finally gets her own storyline which starts out very intriguing but which I have some problems with as it goes along.  More on that as it develops.

Here are my thoughts on the episodes in the first half of Season 2:


Episode 2.1 | Unquiet Mind

Short Synopsis: This episode pits Walt against the Wyoming Wilderness (and yup I meant to capitilize it) and a serial killer in an 'effin blizzard.  It is seriously badass.  Everybody else loses their cool in their own special ways, fretting about Walt.

Short Review: This is a brilliant opener full of drama and scenery and man's strength and power.  It could have used about five more minutes but the end we get is pretty great.  Grade: A

Random Thoughts:
  • Vic yelling "Get out of the damn road"  at the bison :).  
  • "You don't say much but you have an unquiet mind."  Probably a pretty good read on Walt even if the person delivering that verdict is a serial killer.  
  • Everything about this episode seems designed to convince me that my worst nightmare of a job would be law enforcement in rural Wyoming.  I am such a coward - I panic if I have to drive to the town 20 minutes away if there is even the slightest amount of snow.  I would have balked when the FBI agent taps them to come with them to dig up the body - I would have just wanted to get headed back to beat the storms.  Walt, on the other hand, heads out into the woods, at night, in a blizzard with (what looks to me like) a thin leather coat and work gloves as his only protection from the cold to hunt for a serial killer. 
  • Branch is apparently put in charge in Walt's absence though it's interesting that there is some conflict about it.  Branch has been there longer but Vic is Walt's favorite. 
  • The FBI folks that come to the "rescue" are REALLY super ineffectual and annoying.  Vic's feelings? *Punch* "Shit."
  • Henry to Branch:  "Maybe he is not trying to prove anything. Maybe Walt just thinks of his job as a duty and not a game."
  • Vic is sitting playing with her wedding ring and trying not to cry about not being able to go after Walt.  
  • We see Walt get a little vulnerable during his hypothermia induced hallucination.
  • After two days of hiking through knee deep snow almost non-stop + a bout of hypothermia, Walt epically and brutally kills the guy.  It is insanely bad ass.  
  • Vic and Walt update:  Pretty much at the same point as the end of season 1.

Episode 2.2 | Carcasses

Short Synopsis: An unknown dead man is found buried in the compost heap of a somewhat troubled woman. 

Short Review:  The supporting cast is particularly good in this episode which manages to have a lot of laughs as well as one of the most emotional scenes of the whole show.  Fantastic episode. Grade: A

Random Thoughts:
  • I love the character of Holly and am sorry we never see her again.  She's compassionate to the animals but also practical.  "all my martyrs for love"  It's a sad but lovely sentiment.
  • "What hillbilly hellhole serves a Turducken burger?" 
  • "The T&A portion of your evening is now over but the Q & A portion is about to begin."  To the hookers and their Johns.
  • Heather Kafka, the actress who plays Holly is outstanding. Every scene she's in is riveting and emotional.  
  • The scene between Holly and her son Dacus is one of the most powerful I've ever seen - heartbreaking.  Every time I've watched it, it has reduced me to involuntary floods of tears. I'm not sure how Walt keeps from breaking down.  For me, it's the best scene in the whole show
  • The scene between mother and son does show Walt what burying secrets and pain can do to someone and prompts him to try and reach out to Cady.

Episode 2.3 | Death Came in Like Thunder

Short Synopsis: A Basque shepherd is found inexplicably dead with his dog on the pasture ground.  His brother, his mail-order wife and Jacob Nighthorse,  are all suspects...

Short Review: I enjoyed all the Basque heritage and history and there are some humorous moments but otherwise a pretty work-a-day episode. Grade: B-

Random Thoughts:
  • Walt is so flippin' attractive.  His hair....damn... he's adorable.  He looks really good chopping wood.
  • "A lot of guys think American women are pushy and overbearing."  Vic's face in response to this gem is hilarious.
  • The method of murder in this episode is particularly inventive while also being old school.
  • I never noticed before but in the fight scene at the timber yard the first thing we see is Marco's brother being thrown up against a billboard educating about poisonous plants.  Heh.
  • So Fales is really good at manipulating people!
  • Obviously Vic has not yet learned all of Walt's tricks nor learned to totally trust him yet.
  • Vic and Walt Update: Vic is fairly openly not thrilled about any talk of Walt and matchmaking.  Her guilt over not giving him Lizzie's gift and how she finally slips it to him is chuckle worthy. Besides them continuing to be more and more attached at the hip during investigations, Walt hasn't really revealed any special interest in Vic.  However, he also isn't showing a whole lot of interest in Lizzie! 

Episode 2.4 | The Road to Hell

Short Synopsis:  A herd of cattle goes missing while being transported, and then the driver is killed.  We learn that cattle rustling and cow cops are actually a thing. 

Short Review:  There's a lot going on in this episode and it all has the feel of the everyday chaos of the Sheriff's department.  Another solid mystery and the beginning of a story arc for Vic. Finally. Grade: B.

Random Thoughts:
  • Ahhh... the mystery of the flowers.   Walt actually taps the horn at Vic.  I'm not sure I'd pegged him as impatient. 
  • Vic's such a tough lady that it's easy to forget how really compassionate she is. 
  • I agree with most of what the girl activist says but she really does sound like a ridiculous twit. 
  • Henry's reaction to the internet environmental activist is similar to my reaction to the girl activist.  Agrees with the sentiment but eye rolling at the pretension. 
  • Omar: "I like pushy women."
  • Vic and Walt Update:  Walt steps in to help "solve" Vic's mystery of who sent the flowers but I think it's more because he thinks it's distracting her and wants her focused on the job. It is partially concern though.  He does get very mad/irritated with Omar, for delivering Vic flowers.  He knows Vic doesn't like Omar so he is being a little protective and maybe a teensy weensy bit possessive?  If she's off limits for me, she's off limits for you buddy.  


Episode 2.5 | Party's Over

Short Synopsis: The apparently drug-related death of a young Cheyenne girl leads Walt and company into the world of amateur women's fighting. 

Short Review:  This one misses a little something because I never felt like I got a good picture of the murdered girl and didn't connect with her so it doesn't have the impact it may have otherwise.  Still a good solid mystery with an unexpected solution and some good Walt drama.  Grade: B

Random Thoughts:
  • Seriously.  Why on Earth does Lizzie put up with Walt?  He's a HORRIBLE boyfriend.  He hasn't even opened the gift that Vic passed along two episodes ago. Lizzie kind of should know better that Walt isn't exactly the froofy gift type.  Sadly, we never find out what the gift was. and I'm pretty curious! 
  • Branch calls Vic teacher's pet:0).  Apparently Vic got a new truck because her truck was the one the cow cop plowed into at the end of the last episode.  
  • Branch and Walt's rivalry is super fun! 
  • Walt: "Really pack 'em in to see girls beat each other up." Vic: "It's every man's second fantasy."
  • Henry's got a girlfriend - Deena.  She's apparently a professional pool player. Obviously Walt doesn't approve.
  • It's becoming more and more obvious that Walt likes to have Vic with him and gives the crap jobs to Ferg and Branch.  Vic gets to go to fun girl fights while Ferg has to sit and watch an empty apartment.
  • Henry: "Is this why you came here? To judge me?"
  • Vic jumps in the ring!  She loses bad but she gets in some pretty good licks and it earns Lorna's respect.  
  • Score one for Branch:).  I like that sometimes the pettiness between Branch and Walt isn't just one sided and sometimes Branch gets the upper hand. 
  • Cady's back!  What a deliciously awkward encounter between Lizzie and Cady.  Poor Lizzie. 
  • The righteous anger of Walt towards the drug dealers- it's a thing to behold!
  • I really like Lorna and it's apparent that Walt does too.  
  • Walt (about Lizzie):  "We're not really dating. I'm not sure really what you'd call it...."  Oh Walt. 

It's probably clear from the above that my two favorite episodes of the first half of season two are  Unquiet Minds and Carcasses. The season began with a bang and then picks up again in the second half of the season which I will post about next week.

Do you have any favorite episodes from the group above? What do you think about what happens in the first part of this season?


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