Thursday, October 16, 2014

Read-A-Thon! Read-A-Thon! Read-A-Thon! 

I was excited to discover that this Fall's Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-thon concides with my longed for and rather lengthy staycation.  In fact, it is perfectly placed, this Saturday, in the middle of my vacation.  As the time grows closer however, I am a little worried as I seem to be in a bit of a reading slump.  I read so much last month that now I seem to be wanting to do anything besides reading. I've also got a huge stack of books that I want to but haven't gotten around to reviewing.  Adding more to that pile makes me a little anxious. So the overly enthusiastic title of this post is meant to pump me up!  Yay, Read-a thon!...?

To overcome these read-a-thon jitters, I've gathered up a tall stack of books that will hopefully be motivating. I don't really have a theme exactly but I'd like to a) catch up on a series that I missed as a kid (at least in book form) and wish I hadn't and b) indulge in a little re-reading which I don't seem to make time for anymore.  

The series if you can't tell is the Little House series which I'm not sure why I didn't read when I was younger. I'd like to re-read the Narnia series (in chronological vs. publication order) and Dorothy Dunnett's Lymond Chronicles, two of my all time favorites.  Also on the pile is my current read The Pursuit of Mary Bennett by Pamela Mingle.  I am a sucker for Jane Austen Fan Fiction which varies wildly in quality but there are the occasional winners.  I've always felt rather sorry for and interested in Mary Bennett, the least charming and attractive of the Bennett sisters so I snatched this book up as soon as I saw it. Also, to mix things up I threw in the second volume of Y: The Last Man, a graphic novel by Brian K. Vaughan.  I also have a number of books on my i-pod in case I need to get up and move around, as well as a stack on my kindle if everything goes horribly wrong with my current plan.

My strategy here is to focus on (mostly) easy comfort reads.  I'm a slow reader and last read-a-thon, despite a prodigious amount of time spent reading, I finished only one book.  With the stack of shorter, easy reads I hope I can give myself a greater feeling of accomplishment by actually finishing two books!  I will obviously not get through even half this stack but it will be fun trying.

Anybody else participating in the read-a-thon?  What's your strategy?

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