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Glee - Season 1 - Favorite Episodes

I think season one is Glee at its most pure.  All the characters seem to come into being from nothing.  None appear to have any real friends outside of the people who will make up the glee club.  The characters are introduced as archetypes, which allows the freedom to be ridiculous in their actions and interactions and provides them with a clear trajectory forward for their character.  Things get a little muddled in the later seasons but everyone stays pretty true to type and sticks to the plan in season 1.
Some random things I love about this season:  Emma’s wardrobe, Schue’s unsullied hotness and talent (at least in the first half of the season), getting to know Sue, Kurt’s storyline mostly because Chris Colfer rocks it, Jonathan Groff, Rachel, Terry and Sandy. 

Favorite Episodes

Why it’s a favorite:  I really love Rachel and this is a great introduction to her and all her crazy.  The opening Cheerios scene and intro to Sue let me know perfectly what kind of show I was in for.  Really the intro to all the characters is pretty great.  Favorite moments: The kid’s auditions; “There is nothing ironic about show choir”; “That’s sloppy, you’re sloppy babies. And I want the agony out of your eyes”;  Emma being adorable and crushing on Will;  Vocal Adrenaline’s performance of “Rehab”;  The Emerald Dreams guy as Finn’s totem;  Will’s conflict and decision to stay because of the power of a Journey ballad.   
Why it’s a favorite: I like this one mostly for the Kurt and Mercedes storyline and drunk!Will’s Mom (Bosoms! “Josh Groban love’s a Blowzy Alcoholic”).  I actually don’t like the fact that Kurt and Mercedes become best friends but this initial story from the gay-vention to “I bust the windows out your car” is gold (high heeled high tops!) and it’s when we start getting to know Kurt.  Who looks SO young in these early episodes!   And it’s the initiation of his locker tradition of spraying hairspray somewhere in the vicinity of his hair.  Other favorite moments: Dakota Stanley’s introduction to the New Directions (Frankenteen!), everything with Sandy, Emma having a line about John Stamos being famous because he had more guts than talent, which becomes funny when John Stamos becomes her love interest later in the season. 
Why it's a favorite: Kurt is once again the reason for my love of this episode.  “Single Ladies” is a ton of fun and we get an intro to Kurt’s awesome, amazing Dad, Burt Hummel.  This is when Kurt’s story was still really affecting and before it crossed into very special lesson territory.  Terry’s sister Kendra is awesome crazy “Your wife is going to be pushing a watermelon out of her boy howdy in 5 months, she doesn’t need nice…” Other favorite moments: the scene between Sue and Sandy at his apartment “I’m living in a cocoon of horror”; This school has a ballet studio??!; Kurt jumping up and down at the Football game "Dad, Dad – I told you, I told you.”  then doing some high kicks; the fellow on the opposing team starting to bust a move to single ladies… because really how can you not; the last Sue’s Corner of the evening:  “There’s not much difference between a stadium full of screaming fans and an angry crowd screaming abuse at you. They’re both just making a lot of noise. How you take it is up to you. Convince yourself they’re cheering for you. Do that, and someday, they will.”
Why it's a favorite: It's the first of the competition eps and its pretty epic with Mr. Schue being banned, the kids set list stolen and emo!Finn.  Lots of good moments: “You’re gonna love me” by Mercedes; the debut of Rachel’s habit of warning people before hugging them; “Don’t Rain on my Parade” by Rachel; my favorite Rolling Stones song; Emma and Will’s talk in the wedding hall; William McKinley – the greatest president that ever lived; “My life would suck without you” by the group; Will and Emma Smooch!
Why it's a favorite: This episode’s highlight is the joyous entry of the fabulous Jesse St. James!  I kind of still wish Rachel and he would get back together even now.  Other lovely things: His and hers relationship calendar - those cats are seriously disturbing; Kurt’s face as he looks at Finn singing The Doors “Hello”;  angry!Rachel singing  “Gives you Hell”;  shy!Rachel singing Lionel Ritchie’s “Hello” with Jesse ( My 12 year old self ADORED this song); “Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks” -Brittany; The McKinley High Old Maids Club; “You’re more of a drama queen than I am.” - Jess St. James to Rachel; “How is you compromising yourself for my crazy any different than you doing it for hers" Emma to Will - Jayma Mays is so unsung awesome; the final song with all the mixed emotions swirling around.
Why it's a favorite: Two words: Rose’s Turn.  Obviously I have some serious love for Kurt.  His rendition of Rose’s Turn and the scene that follows with his Dad is just guh. “You’re job is to be yourself and my job is to love you no matter what.”  Pretty much sums up being a parent.   I don’t actually love the rest of the episode but that one scene puts this as a favorite.  Other not so bad things: “Because there’s never an excuse for stirrup pants”  - Kurt to his dad, true dat; “So you like show tunes… Doesn’t mean you’re gay, it just means you’re awful.” - Sue to Kurt; “I need applause to live” - Rachel to Finn; the scene with Kurt and Brit – “Dad, I really need you to respect my privacy.. Brittany and I were just having sexual relations”;  Kurt’s outfit during Rose’s Turn is pretty fly;  Songs - “Jesse’s Girl” (Finn); “The Lady is a Tramp”(Puck); “The boy is mine”(Mercedes and Santana).
Why it's a favorite: I have to say Mr. Schue and I are on the same page when it comes to Journey – their talent as balladeers is pretty hard to surpass.  Other nice moments: Will pulling over to the side of the road to burst into tears over glee and Ms. Pillsbury; “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Vocal Adrenaline; Emma screaming at Figgins; “To Sir with Love” by everyone; and of course Sue’s change of heart; “Somewhere over the Rainbow.” 

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