Saturday, December 1, 2012

Glee Fever

Glee is not for everyone.  It’s frequently over-the-top, seldom makes any real world sense and of course there’s the singing and dancing.  It’s black comedy gold, doesn’t take itself very seriously (most of the time) and as long as you’re willing to just go with the crazy flow, you’ll be a.o.k.  The glee-verse is one where overwrought teenagers rule while singing and dancing – AWESOME.  

I’ve had a somewhat twisty relationship with the show to be honest.  I tried to catch up with the show a year ago when the second half of S.1 and the first half of S.2 became available on Netflix and I was really disappointed. The first half of season 1 had charmed the pants off of me and these new installments felt stale and blah.   However, a month or two ago I decided to give it another go and I have been obsessed… Obsessed with a capital O, I tell ya.   What I think it comes down to is that I wasn’t in the proper frame of mind a year ago.  Now apparently I am and yes I am concerned that it’s something I should be worried about.  But whether my current immense love for the show is due to some kind of mental break doesn’t matter because the joy this show has been giving me lately is much appreciated.   I currently can say I like all the characters and all the relationships on the show and my benevolence towards all The Powers That Be’s shenanigans knows no bounds.  It’s all love at the moment.

 I still feel like the first half of season 1 is the strongest though I’m not sure I could back that up with any sound arguments.  Reasons I can come up with: 1) it was before we realized that Will is actually kind of a horrible teacher, 2) Rachel was still pretty despised by the group which somehow made her more lovable, 3) Curt’s storyline was awesome and hadn’t descended into after school special territory, and 4) Emma’s crush on Will was 100% adorable.  Oh and crazy Terry and Sandy were around.  And there’s nothing like getting to know Sue for the first time.  That said I have found much to love in all of the first 3 seasons.  I haven’t been watching Season 4 because I like to horde episodes and watch them all at once but it’s been difficult not to check in on my glee friends.  I worry about them as they make their way through season 4 because transitioning out of high school for these types of shows is often reminiscent of a newborn - awkward and ugly.  But I have hope. 

So this is the introduction to my Glee fever.  I’ll be putting up some posts on different aspects of the show including:

Overviews of each season and favorite episodes
Psychoanalysis of favorite characters
Who’s doing Who
The music

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