Tuesday, July 4, 2017

2017's Favorite TV and Movies Thus Far

Top Ten Tuesday is taking a much deserved break for the next couple months but I like making lists and am a creature of habit so....  Here's my own lame list topic!  Last week was books of the year so far, so this week I thought I'd highlight some of my favorite other media.

To be clear these are not show/movies that have been aired for the first time in 2017, just stuff I've happened to watch.  Which happens to be dominated by Asian Media?  I had no idea how much of my watching has been focused on Asian-based entertainment. This is why lists like this are so interesting to me! Also, this is kind of the whole list.  There are a couple of other shows I've dabbled with that I can't really say I loved...Season 4 of Arrow, The Flash, Father Brown.  Also, there is a two month gap where I wasn't really writing things down and I was mostly re-watching some of my older favorites (Galavant, I think Avatar...again) that are easy and make me happy.

So the list below is short and kind of bizarre.... Here goes!


This was kind of my first foray in to full on Anime and I started it back in 2016.  At 170 or so episodes it took a while to get through them!  It's about a girl from the modern era who travels back to feudal era Asia and teams up with a half dog-demon/half human boy named Inuyasha to try and save the world from demons.  Along the way they pick up other companions and have many adventures.  It's available in dubbed or subbed formats on Hulu. My Review.

This is a 2011 South Korean drama starring Lee Min Ho as a vigilante seeking revenge against the powerful men in the Korean government who are responsible for his father's death.  This Drama's got lot's of awesome action scenes, a complicated relationship with a father figure and terrific production values. It's also got a sweet romance with a pretty kick butt heroine as well though my one complaint was that the drama kind of dropped the ball on that in the end. My Review.

I picked up on this re-make of the 1980s(?) cartoon from the Book Smugglers blog and it is really great fun.  Season 2 did not let me down.  Quick watch + great characters + giant robot lions fighting in space = awesome! My Review.

A 2016 Japanese Anime that also features giant fighting robots from space.  Also a a feudal era warrior who travels to modern times and helps Japan and the world defend itself from a UN base.  My Review.

5) Glitch

This is an Australian Sci Fi drama about a small town where several of the residents suddenly rise from the dead and are inexplicably alive again.  The town's sheriff and the local doctor try to figure out what's going on.  The first season is short and was excellent!

This was all set to become my favorite Anime until it just....ended.  The show got canceled before it was finished ...or something.  Anyway, that makes me reluctant to put it on here but what there is of it is great - gorgeous animation and a good strong female lead. The soundtrack is also amazing which is why this show even deserves a video of the opening credits.

7) Stranger Things

Finally a show you've probably heard of, lol!  This is a Netflix original production which released season 1 last year.  It's a paranormal show about strange happenings in a small town in middle America.  It has a large cast but focuses on a group of 12 year old boys, D&D players and best friends.  It's a hark back to 1980s Steven Spielberg type movies ...most reminiscent of Poltergeist I think.  It is as fabulous as everyone says it is - creepy, funny, warm-hearted in the best of ways and really authentic to that time period.  By the way, I think Glitch, above, is a good watch-a-like if you enjoyed this show.


Overall, a pretty atypical TV watching year for me thus far.  I've obviously needed some serious escapism, lots of fantasy/sci-fi, and all of these shows provided that.  And no movies because I'm not sure I've watched any!

So how about you?  What's been your favorite non-book media of the year so far?  Anything you'd recommend?

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