Monday, May 29, 2017

Well. That was unexpected....

Hi!  It's been awhile!  I kind of, sort of, completely unintentionally dropped off the face of the Earth.   When last I blogged, at the end of March, everything was still mostly brown.  Now, as the Golden Alexander above attests, Spring has most definitely sprung.  Hurrah!

I wish I could say my disappearance was because I was kidnapped by space pirates who ended up being really nice and having hearts of gold and we had many adventures and bouts of sea (space?) shanty singing before they dropped me back home on Earth. Alas, the reality is that work got all demanding and sucked away all energy for anything but it so I took a break during a particularly busy week which turned into 2.5 months. This may have been more exciting if "work" wore a scary black mask and breathed through a respirator while laughing maniacally but really my job is all right.  It just sometimes gets overwhelming and needs all my brain power.  *shakes fist at feeble brain power*

Anyhoo, with that much time away, it does feel awkward and a little rusty to get back in the game but I have continued to read and watch TV and I have stuff to say about all of it.  And I want to know what you think about all of it. Plus, I've missed adding 20 books to my TBR each week because I haven't been keeping up with all the book bloggers I've come to rely upon to feed my addiction (in a good way:).  In short I miss the book blogosphere and all the wonderful people in it.  I even got a little defensive of it when I recently read The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith and some not-so-complimentary things were implied about book review blogs.  That better have been the opinion of your snotty, literary fiction writing characters and not you, J.K.!  Bottom line, I'm going to try and creep back into this world slowly and hope I am able to get the knack of it....I'd say again but I'm not sure I ever quite got the knack.  So, how about I'm going to re-start my clumsy blundering and have a great time doing it.

So what have I missed?  How've you been?  What was your favorite book that you reviewed in the last couple months?

Ella's getting bigger and bigger and we have fun.
Jasper and Rudy continue to be adorbs.

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