Monday, December 26, 2016

I Watch Too Much TV: 2016 Edition

I watch a LOT of TV and post about it pretty regularly here on the blog so it only seems right to reflect upon what I was most obsessed with this year.  I do 99% of my TV watching through Netflix so I'm usually way behind (i.e. don't expect the programs/seasons listed to be terribly up-to-date)


1)  Arrow

This was probably my most significant obsession this year. Oddly (or not) it is one of two shows on this list that I started watching ages ago and couldn't get into but then fell in love with when I gave it another try.  I have never read the comics the show is based on but it seems to be a variation on Batman, but with more Archery.  The first half of season 1 is quite slow but once Oliver starts forming a team, it starts to pick up.  You can also expect CW levels of soap opera on top of the super hero bad-assery.  And yes, I am one of those annoying Olicity fans. Sorry, not sorry.

Unlike Arrow, I loved this show from note one.  I watched all available episodes three times in a row until the music was burned into my skull for all eternity.  The Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie of all time so I love the music of Alan Menken and especially love it paired with more adult lyrics.  This show is sarcastic and saucy and romantic and heart-warming all at the same time.

I went on a KDrama watching jag about mid-year and among a few other good offerings (Oh My Ghostess, Splash,Splash,Love) this historical, time-travel drama blew me away. I wrote about it semi-coherently and have yet to get back on the K Drama bandwagon, because how can anything else compare?  About a Joseon era warrior-scholar who gets thrust into modern day Korea whenever his life is threatened.

I started watching this show early in the year when I was stressed out/had a lot going on and I had to discontinue because it's so intense and dark and stressful.  However, when things calmed down in life I picked it back up again and it was so so good!  It continually surprises me and is chock full of amazing female characters.  I've only watched the first two seasons and am dragging my feet on season 3 because I hear it is a bit rocky for the first half or so but never fear I WILL be watching!

This is a relatively new discovery for me.  It's a remake by Netflix of the old school Voltron cartoon that I never watched but maybe I should have because its an awesome little sci-fi adventure show.  That involves giant robo-cats that combine into an even gianter robot. And the robo-cats are piloted by a scrappy gang of misfits.  Of course I loved it!  Season 1 ended on a serious cliff-hanger!

6) Longmire - Season 5

After being sorely disappointed by season 4 of Longmire, I started watching season 5 with a heavy heart and ended up being pleasantly surprised!!  Another Netflix produced show, which after a quick search produced some shaky evidence that there will be a season 6 but then that will likely be the final season.  After the awesome season 5, I have hope and confidence that the show runners will produce a good wrap up season for the show.

As does everyone in known creation, I love the BBC Sherlock but if I'm honest I was underwhelmed by season 1, and simply liked very much season 2.  BUT SEASON 3? WAS AWESOME!!  I love seeing the softer side of Sherlock and an emphasis on the bro-mance between he and Watson.  It's amazing what this show can do with such short seasons!

8) Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

This is the second show on this list that didn't really work for me at first.  It's the Whedon family for goodness sake so I was so ready to love it and I just didn't.  Somewhere around halfway through season 1 however, the show begins to become awesome and it has just been up from there.  It's not perfect - the character of Skye doesn't work for me (though she's gotten better), they've killed some of the best characters (Trip! *sniff*) - but I absolutely adore May and Fitz-Simmons and that one character that goes evil that I don't want to spoil.  Coulson, who was colorless at first has really grown on me and his humor cracks me up on the regular these days.

Being a die hard Veronica Mars fan, I fervently believe Rob Thomas can do no wrong.  And he hasn't proven me wrong with this charming, hilarious and poignant show about a girl who becomes a zombie and then uses her new zombie powers to solve crimes.  As one does.  I've only seen season 1 but will be catching up with season 2 shortly. Also I believe this is the third show on this list adapted from a comic. These comic things..They seem to be having a moment, huh...#statingtheobvious

I don't usually watch cooking shows, even the competitive ones but when I stumbled across this show on Netflix and watched the first episode in desperation, I was completely transfixed.  The drama, the insane baking skills, the Goofy hostesses and a Simon Cowell-esque judge.  It is, in fact, great.

11) The Summer Olympics

I am such a sucker for the Olympics - I love everything about it- the drama, the heroism, the athletic prowess on display.  My  favorite athletes from this year's Olympics were Usain Bolt, Ashton Eaton, Lilly King and Simone Biles.


Okay, I am dying to hear from you!  What were the highlights of your TV watching year and why?  Based on the list above are there any you think I must try toot sweet?

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