Saturday, March 7, 2015

Saturdays in the Garden - Growing the Flu


This has been my view for the last week.  That's the view from my couch.  My life has consisted of nothing but the flu this past week with a generous side order of panicking about how far behind I was getting on everything.   Most of the panicking is about work but I got nothing done on the blog this week either and this may continue for a while.  Looking at a computer screen (or a book) for any length of time this week gave me a headache and made me dizzy. I am back to about 70% health but am still wiped out and feel like I will be for a few days yet.  I'll be focusing all my energy on catching up at work and keeping myself from relapsing. So sorry if content on the blog is a little thin and especially if I'm not keeping up with the blogs I like to visit.


The only thing I really could do this week was nap and watch TV.  As a result, I watched a fair amount of TV.  I got through the first two seasons of Teen Wolf (12 episode seasons!) before I needed a little break from the emo convolutions.  It's actually a pretty fun show but apparently 2 seasons in 4 days was my limit.  To compensate I went in a completely different direction and went for the childhood comfort watching of M*A*S*H.  Because nothing is more comforting than the Korean war.  It is still incredibly funny and sad and quite liberal in its views of the world so it's not surprising that I loved it as a kid and still do.  The only place where it falls down is that it is shockingly terrible when it comes to its treatment of women.  "Nurse" is just code word for someone to make passes at, ogle and have sex with while trying to forget the wife and kids back home.  Considering that these women were skilled health care workers and volunteers, it's a shame the show gave them little respect.  Major Houlihan is the only primary female character and while she is, I think, ultimately admirable, she is meant, most of the time, to be ridiculous.  It's still a great show but I wish it had been a little less dated in that one area.

Reading-wise I did finish Abhorsen which I was listening to but that's about it.


TUESDAY: Top Ten Tuesday: Best of the Best This was all that I could manage this week and that was because I just needed to compile a top ten from the last three year's favorites lists.


**No plans for this week.  As I mentioned above, I'll be concentrating on recuperating and catching up with work but if I can also post a couple things, great!**

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