Saturday, March 15, 2014

Veronica Mars The Movie!

Last night was pretty near perfect.  It had sushi, gin, pie, three awesome girlfriends and Veronica Mars.  It was a huge confluence of everything great and right with the world.   And one of the best parts?  We got to watch the new Veronica Mars movie in my friends theater room while curled under blankets and giggling unashamedly.  The fan bankrolled movie of the defunct (and awesome) TV show, opened last night at a limited number of theaters none of which are in the state of Iowa.  Luckily the movie had a simultaneous download release and we were able to rent it from VUDU for $6.99.  It was a moment when technology made me happy.  Considering that I spend most days at work arguing with my computer, this is saying something.

So how was the movie?  It was pretty good.  It wasn't great but it really didn't matter too much because it was just so good to be back in Neptune, CA.  At first, Veronica does not agree with us, her fans; after all she has spent the last nine years trying to escape Neptune and her private investigation addiction.  But when Logan (oh Logan!) finds himself accused of murder (again), Veronica can't help herself and quickly gets sucked in. 

I thought the mystery and solution were really pretty good.  I mean not Lily Kane, first season amazing but nicely twisting and littered with red herrings.  But the story is not really the point of the movie.  This movie was bankrolled by fans who just want to be immersed once again into the heavily class divided city of Neptune and spend some time with their favorite characters.  I loved seeing Veronica and Keith Mars being the best father-daughter team in television again, Dick being a dick, and of course Logan's smoldering.  Kristen Bell inhabits Veronica as easily as she did the first time around and delivers Rob Thomas' snappy dialogue with her usual verve and skill.  There are many laugh out loud moments though non-fans might not get some of them.  I think what I liked most was the through line for Veronica who has been working so hard to live the good, simple life she thinks she should want, without bloodshed and epicness, but clearly all it takes is one temptation and she has to dive back in and take on the sharks.  This is what she lives for and it is who she is. 

Perhaps, the chemistry of things felt a little off and there was definitely some clunkiness.  However if you were a fan of the show, I don't think you'll be disappointed.  The movie definitely outshone the troubled third season and gives fans plenty of opportunity to sink back into the strange and heady mixture of tawdriness, humor and adorableness that is Veronica Mars.  Thank you Rob Thomas, Kristen Bell and all the VM fans for making this happen! 

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