Sunday, January 5, 2014


I just had to pause for a moment and SQUEAL like a 12 year old.  March 14th can't come soon enough.  This movie looks like it has so much VM goodness and I didn't even realize how much I was missing it.

"Come on, I knew the felonies before I knew the State Capitols."
"I know Logan has his qualities but there is a darkness to that kid."  Oh Logan.  How I've missed your smirk.

And folks if you have not discovered Veronica Mars yet, do it NOW.  It is TV at its best.  There's a reason the Kickstarter to fund this movie set records. 


  1. I hope the movie lives up to your expectations -- enjoy! I'm not familiar with the Veronica Mars series. What's the genre?

  2. As far as genre, that's a good question. Mystery maybe? Veronica is a high school aged sleuth who solves a episode mystery each week but there is also an overarching, more fundamental mystery that carries on throughout the season. In season one its the murder of Veronica's best friend which has understandably profoundly changed Veronica's life on many levels. It's great storytelling, it's great characters who are always more than they seem, it's hilarious. It's one of those shows that will have you laughing hysterically one minute and then tearing up the next. Veronica is an amazing, strong female protagonist that Kristen Bell plays so well. It only lasted three seasons on an obscure network but its got a cult following. The Creator, Rob Thomas has actually written some fiction, one of which I have called Rats Saw God that's supposed to be pretty good but I haven't yet read. As you can tell I can blather on and on about this show:) I'm not even sure if you are much of TV watcher:)?