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Favorite Glee Episodes, S.3

Time for a little more Glee love. I felt like season three overall was pretty uneven: better then season 2 but not touching season 1.  The whole Finn and Rachel getting married and Quinn in a wheelchair thing were ridiculous however and not in a good way.  But it still had money great moments and a few of the better episodes of the series. Below are my favorite episodes in season 3. 

The Purple Piano Project

Why it’s a favorite:  It slides us into season 3 quite well, setting us up for this being all about the seniors and their varying degrees of confusion about their future.  And it’s no surprise that I can’t stop the goofy smiling at the Blaine and Kurt and Rachel and Kurt super cuteness .    Moments I love: “Paula Abdul is an Arab”; “Why’s that T-rex eating the jew”;  Kurt and Rachel’s duet,  the whole scene between Kurt and Blaine in the hallway (Blaine has never looked so smokin’– seriously is he wearing false eyelashes – boys should not have eyelashes…or smiles…like that) and then leading into Blaine’s fabulous audition singing “It’s Not Unusual”;  Rachel and Kurt’s pity party in the car after being gobsmacked by the other NYADA hopefuls “You make me wanna be your boyfriend” ;  “You can’t stop the beat” [Hairspray rocks!].

The First Time

Why it’s a favorite:  I love West Side Story.  I love Blaine. I love Kurt.  I love Blaine and Kurt.  There’s lots of great music as well as a lot of significant character growth too sink your teeth into.  Awesome moments: the scene between Kurt and Blaine in Blaine’s bedroom (this may be my favorite scene between Kurt and Blaine ever including the awesome one later in the ep.);  Blaine shooting down Sebastian at the Lima Bean; Tina breaking the mold in the should they or shouldn’t they consultation; Blaine dancing with Sebastian at the gay bar but continually shooting hopeful looks back at Kurt; “ I just want to make art and help people”;  Blaine and Kurt in the auditorium after the show (again, why can’t they bring this level of romance to the other couples on the show – the following scene between Finn and Rachel pales in comparison);  “One hand, One Heart”.

Hold on to Sixteen

Why it’s a favorite:  It’s a competition episode and I really enjoy the numbers in this competition which is surprising because no Rachel!  Also like the Trouble Tones numbers.  And because I agree with the sentiment – it’s always good to be the age you are.  Really good moments: The bitchy exchange between Kurt and Sebastian at the Lima Bean, red solo cup (this show doesn’t do enough country) and Kurt’s so NOT getting it; “Rich white girl problems”; hot!Blaine getting angry and going all fisticuffs on the bag; the redemption of Mike Chang – because dancing that good shouldn’t go to waste;  “I’m a survivor” mash-up; Tina kicking the shit out of “ABC”; “We Are Young”.


Why it’s a favorite: Because of what this means for Rachel and what it sets up for Nationals.  When she falls apart it is truly heartbreaking.  Kurt’s audition performance is a metric ton of fun plus a couple of other nice musical numbers help me overlook the weaker parts of this episode.  The good parts:  Kurt:“Or maybe I just need more candles.” Blaine: “Oh God no. No more candles.”;  Puckerman trying to seduce Ms. Dusenberry; “Now I know this room is America’s number one destination for cheap sappy moralizing…” pretty good description of the choir room, actually;  “Cell Block Tango”  even if it really did miss the point; “Is that a bear I’m hiding behind?, No it’s a bush. It looks like a bear.”; “Shake it out”; not crazy about the song Rachel sings at the end but the devastation of her performance is spot on.


Why it’s a favorite: Well it’s the culmination of Rachel’s arc that began 3 episodes earlier.  It’s a competition ep that doesn’t include a poorly done PSA.  And I love me some Meat Loaf.  Plus, I think the show did a great job of gradually improving the New Directions over 3 seasons so that they really look like they deserve the trophy.  They look like just as good as Vocal Adrenaline looked in the first ep of the series while still being their special selves.  The best moments: “This sniping is as expository as it is wrong…”  Ah the meta;  Will not getting angry about the fight but recognizing it as passion – defuses the situation perfectly – it was one of the rare moments where Will kicks teacher ass; Jesse!;  Wait…Finn gets tips at the tire shop??! What kind of tire shop is this?  Have I been neglecting my car mechanics by only paying them the exorbitant fee they usually ask for?;  love the choreography for “Edge of Glory”;  Vocal Adrenaline’s numbers are super  fun and glad we got to see two numbers; Jesse intervening on Rachel’s behalf; the celebration montage back at McKinley; Emma finally being ready.

That's it!  What are your favorite episodes or moments in season 3?   Which character did you most want to punch?  Which did you most want to hug?  How did you think the season rated compared to season 1 or 2?  

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