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Celebrating My Book Series Addiction: 2016

I have a problem.  I am addicted to book series.  I just love them, whether they are telling one big sweeping story or just loosely connected through characters or setting.  It seems like as soon as I finish one series I pick up another. All in all, out of the 115 books I have read and finished this year, 84 of them were part of a series. That's 74% of my reading.  Oof. 

I made a whole challenge for myself last year to try and make progress on/finish some series because I was feeling overwhelmed.  However, I won't be addressing the results of that at all here - that needs its own post.  In this post, I'd just like to highlight some of the series I was happy to have dabbled in this year.  In some cases they are the series I have great hopes for that had a smashing beginning - in others they are old favorites which continue to delight or that wrapped up nicely!  Get ready to be hit with a LOT of books. Let's do this:


Beginnings... Series I started this year but haven't read past book 1.

The Passage Trilogy by Justin Cronin

GENRE: Dystopia Sci-Fi, Horror, Adult

The first book in this dystopic series, The Passage, made it into my top ten books of the year list.  It was a fantastic beginning so I really hope this trilogy lives up to its potential.  I've heard grumblings.  All the books in this series have been released.

Laura Elliston Trilogy by Melissa Lenhardt

GENRE: Historical Fiction, Adult

This historical series, which starts with the book Sawbones, set in the American western frontier has a marvelous female protagonist and a great mix of drama, mystery and humor.  The second and third books are due out in 2017. 

Shades of Magic by V.E. Schwab

GENRE: Fantasy, Adult (?)

A Darker Shade of Magic, the first in this series, started a little slow for me but once the unique setting was set, it picked up pace and flew by.  The first two books are out and book three is due in 2017.

The Cinder Spires by Jim Butcher

GENRE: Fantasy, Adult

I did NOT need another series addiction from Jim Butcher - The Dresden Files already has me completely hooked - but this more classical fantasy novel has talking cats and big three masted sailing ships that fly.  I didn't stand a chance after reading The Aeronauts Windlass.  The second book in the series is called The Olympian Affair and lord knows when it will be released.

Charlotte Holmes by Brittany Cavallaro

GENRE: Mystery, YA, Sherlock Holmes Fan-Fiction

In A Study in Charlotte, Charlotte Holmes and Jamie Watson meet at a New England boarding school** and shortly thereafter...MURDER!  I loved both these characters and their relationship while also adoring Cavallaro's writing style and humor.  Can't wait for more stories with these two! Book two is due out in 2017.

** The phrase New England boarding school is almost certainly on my list of  what words describing a book  will make me want to read it immediately.

Rogues of the Republic by Patrick Weekes

GENRE:  Fantasy, Adult(?)

A disparate cast of mildly nefarious, mostly heroic characters band together to pull off a heist in a fantasy world setting. It was as awesome as it sounds.  It felt like the first book only scratched the surface of a complex world and society so looking forward to more.  I think this series is a trilogy and that all the books are out.  

The Great Library by Rachel Caine

GENRE: Fantasy, YA

I didn't get as into the first book of this series as some but it is such an original idea, has an international flavor and I am interested to see where it is headed! 

Innkeeper Chronicles by Ilona Andrews

GENRE: Urban Fantasy, Adult

I'm branching out from the Kate Daniels series!  This was a fun and really unique urban fantasy that kind of mashes Sci-fi and Fantasy together.  I like the main character a lot and it looks like this series will have plenty of action and a great mystery.

The Colors of Madeleine by Jaclyn Moriarity

GENRE: Fantasy, YA

The characters in this reminded me a lot of Stiefvater characters and it's got a very interesting set-up with a character in this world passing notes through a parking meter to another reality/world which is more magical but not super different from our own.  The perspective switches back and forth between the two worlds.

Middles... Series I'm in the middle of...

Vorkosigan Saga by Lois McMaster Bujold

GENRE:  Science Fiction, Adult

I read book 13 of this series (Diplomatic Immunity) this year and it's still going strong and might even be getting better.  LMB doesn't seem to be losing interest in this universe - there is so much to explore.  This year saw the release of book 16 and I'm excited to get to it because it focuses on Miles' awesome mother Cordelia!

Peter Grant/Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch

GENRE:  Urban Fantasy, Adult

This and the next series on the list are in a duel to the death as my favorite Urban Fantasy series.  I adore Peter and his shenanigans and humor as he polices London's paranormal happenings.  I read book number 4 (Broken Homes) this year and am kind of parceling them out so I don't catch up.  Book 6 was released this year.

Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews

GENRE: Urban Fantasy, Adult

I read book 6 (Magic Rises) this year and this series seems to get better with every book.  I love this series and am so invested in all the characters.  Book 10 is set to release next year.  Another series I am doling out slowly to myself to make it last:).

Lord Peter Wimsey by Dorothy L. Sayers

GENRE: Mystery, Adult

A classic mystery series that I just picked up this year!  I should finish book 5 by year's end.  Lord Peter is hilarious and the mysteries are clever and unique.

Saga by Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples

GENRE: Graphic Novel, Science Fiction, Definitely Adult

I read the first 4 volumes of this amazing space opera this year.  It's as good as everyone says.

Endings... Series I finished this year

Lewis Trilogy by Peter May

GENRE: Mystery, Adult

Such a great moody mystery trilogy set in the Outer Hebrides.  I wish he hadn't cut it off at a trilogy. 

The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater

GENRE: Fantasy, YA

I adored this series about 5 friends looking for a dead Welsh king in the Virginia hills.  Also, a boarding school!  4 books total in the series.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan

GENRE: Fantasy, Myth, Middle-grade

I started and finished this 6 book series this year.  It brings the Greek myths into the modern day and gives them fun little twists!

Parasol Protectorate by Gail Carriger

GENRE: Fantasy, Steam Punk, Adult

I so loved getting acquainted with Alexia and her gang of unusual friends and family.  I can honestly say I've not encountered another series like this.  Fun, funny, charming and unique! A total of 5 books in the series.

The School for Good and Evil by Somain Chainani

GENRE: Fantasy, Fairy-tale, Middle-grade

This series was a total roller coaster and constantly surprised me.  I was sad to see it end but think it did so quite well. 

RE-Read... I re-read one series from my youth and it was awesome

The Belgariad by David Eddings

GENRE: Fantasy, YA

So technically this epic fantasy series was published before Young Adult was a thing, lol, but if released these days I think it would count as that.  I read this series as a teenager and was ready to be completely underwhelmed by it now that I'm old and all adult and stuff.  Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised!  Unfortunately, I was not as impressed with the first book in the follow-up series (The Mallorean) and have thus stalled on reading that.

That's my big list of series that I loved this year!  How about you?  Are you a series junkie too?  If so what were some of your faves this year?

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