Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday - Book Related Problems

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme for bloggers who like books and lists.  It's awesome and is graciously hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week's topic:
Ten Book Related Problems I Have (could be serious or fun!)
Hoo Boy, I do like to complain so this should be pretty easy.  That said, I have been trying to put anything I complain about in perspective, and not be so negative.  So I will list the complaint but then either put it in perspective or list a solution. 
1) Remembering Books.

Thank goodness for this blog, and sites like Goodreads and Booklikes because if I didn't record and write reviews for the books I read I'm not sure I'd remember any but a handful of them.  Making lists of books around a topic is somewhat frustrating because I feel like I only include books from the last 5-6 years since I've kept track.  
SOLUTION:  Start a project to put as many of the older books that I can remember having read into Goodreads (or other cataloging site) and at least rate them.

2) Too many books to read.

This complaint should rightfully provoke the playing of tiny violins in fake pity, but I think most serious readers do sometimes feel overwhelmed by the sheer size of their TBR or by the inevitable thought of all the great books in the world they will not be able to read.  If I am able to maintain a pace of 100 books per year and live to a nice old age, I have roughly only 4000 more books I'll be able to read.  Sounds like a lot but in the vast realm of books it's a drop in the bucket.  
PERSPECTIVE: How fortunate am I to have access to almost any book I'd like to read and enough leisure time to devote to them?  I'd say I'm pretty dang lucky.

3)  Finding just the right YA and Romance books to read. 

I am particularly picky about what I read in these two genres and I feel like I frequently spend more time then I like on less than fantastic books hoping they will get better.  
SOLUTION: I'm lucky to have many resources on the internet to help identify those books that will fit my taste.  I need to not request ARCs of YA and Romance and not give into the urge to pick up a buzz book in these genres if I haven't first investigated reviews etc...(I'm looking at you The Young Elites).

4) $1.99 eBooks

My impulse control is no match for this.
SOLUTION:  Books are good.  It's fine to splurge from time to time.

5) Talking about people and situations in books in everyday conversation.

At least once a week, I find myself saying in conversation "I was reading this book and xxx happened...."  It's a little embarrassing.
SOLUTION: Stop doing it, lol.

6) That I can't go to there.

Sometimes you read a book and it just sucks you in and enchants you so intensely that it's a jolt having to come back into the real world where none of the book world exists.  It's sad.
SOLUTION:  Screw the real world!

7) Starting a series that doesn't continue to be published! or Alternatively reading a book in a series as soon as it comes out and then the sequels take forever to be published.

I wrote a whole post on this.
SOLUTION:  Don't start series until they they are finished.

8) Getting embarrassed when a character in the book does something humiliating.

I have serious shame empathy - I can't read (or watch) anything where there are lots of awkward situations because I get so embarrassed on the character's behalf.
SOLUTION:  Realize that there is very little in this world to be ashamed of.  We all do awkward things and what's done is done. 

9) Occasionally ugly crying in public.

Most recently this happened while I was walking my dogs and listening to Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See.
SOLUTION:  Try not to read sad books in public?  Nah...

10) Getting books out of the library every week instead of reading what's on my shelves.

It's like shopping in a bookstore for free!  How can I resist that?
SOLUTION:  Is this really a problem?  I choose to think not and just charge forth blindly - I'll get to all of them eventually.

And just for fun...

All right, I'm done complaining.  It's your turn!  What book related problems do you have?

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