Saturday, May 24, 2014

Garden Journal - May 24, 2014

Tomatoes and Peppers getting some sun
It's practically June so it's about time I update the garden journal.  It's been a cold spring and it seems like most weekends have been rainy.  I got my tomatoes and peppers planted a couple weeks ago and then promptly had to go to great lengths to protect them because we had a series of nights with temps in the 30's.  Cause Iowa's a bitch. One of the Juliet variety tomato plants is already flowering. I still have a whole bunch of tomato and pepper starts to get into a some containers which I will hopefully tomorrow.

The overgrown tomato and pepper starts hanging with their friends the succulents.
 In other news there was a lot of winter kill.  It got so cold this winter and there was little snow coverage.  My garlic planted in the center of the bed came up and is doing great but around the edges, where the leaf mulch thinned out it did not.  First time that has happened.  A lot of my herbs also died though the horseradish, tarragon, chives, Hyssop and yarrow are happy as clams.

The garlic that survived.

That plant up front is the horseradish! It's huge and flowering. Also, the Rudy dogs came through the winter fine:)

Hyssop and Yarrow doing great - everything else a wasteland.

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