Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday - 2014 Goals and Resolutions

It's appropriate in this first week of 2014 to think about what one hopes to achieve in the coming year.  Those wise folks over at The Broke and The Bookish host a weekly meme to get folks thinking in lists.  I don't know that I could keep a whole ten resolutions straight in my feeble mind but here's a few things I'd like to shoot for.

1) Read 90 books!:  This is the big bookish goal.  I read 86 books this year which was a good 20 books beyond what I had ever read before.  Can I surpass this year?  If I can get past Middlemarch and A Discovery of Witches which are hogging up all my audiobook time, I think I can.  Then perhaps 100 books in 2015....

2) Read at least 20 books from my 100 Books Project list:  I have 5 years to read all 100 of these books and only got through 16 this year. 

3) Continue to explore YA Literature:  I mostly enjoyed the inauguration of my exploration in 2013 and would like to continue.

4) No to very little book buying:  My kindle makes it criminally easy to buy almost any book I want, exactly when I want.  It's a heady brew of power that can quickly go to my head.  One of my personal resolutions this year (and for the next several) will be to get debt free.  Book buying won't help me get there.  Good thing I love my library:)

5) Balance:  This is non-bookish wish though it has some bearing on my reading.    My job sucks up about 90% of my already kind of puny energy reserves.  This leaves only 10% to grapple with...you know...life.  I am lucky to have a job that is interesting, mentally demanding in a good way and which works to change the world in positive ways but because of this it is easy to get way sucked in.  I'm going to work very hard to even things out a bit. 

I'm cutting her off at five.  I'd love to know what are you most excited about accomplishing in 2014?


  1. Good goals! I can really relate to both 4 and 5; I failed miserably at 4 last year. I didn't spend a lot of money but boy, did I rack up the freebies and bargain ebooks -- not to mention the full carton of books I bought at not one but two Friends of the Library booksales. And it did add up to more than I intended to spend, as well as more books than I really need. (If that's possible.) So like you, I plan to cut back on those this year, as well as on NetGalley requests.

    Balance. . . whew, that's a tough one for all of us, I think. And any solutions have to be very person-specific. I'm still striving for balance, myself. But I really hope you find it, and I look forward to hearing about it.

    I'm also impressed with your 100 Books project. Keep us posted!

  2. Ahhh...Friends of the library book sales... it's a book lovers dream... or nightmare if you are already buried under a pile. You can get SO many good books for so little money AND its for a good cause. It's practically your civic duty to buy full cartons of books! Good luck with resisting the book sales and Net Galley!