Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday - Books I'm Most Wishing For

This week's Top Ten Tuesday from The Broke and the Bookish is about the top ten books I wouldn't mind finding under the Christmas tree. Oh, how to choose among the millions...

Links are to the book's page on Goodreads.com.

1. Diary of a Provincial Lady by E.M. Delafield

I kind of covered this in my last post but I've had this book on my TBR for a couple years and my local libraries don't have it in their collections.  Written in 1933, this is a humorous look at the daily life of a family of  British country gentry .  I love this time-period and the excerpts I've read are downright hilarious.

2. The Dorothy Dunnett Companion by Elspeth Morrison

The Lymond Chronicles by Dorothy Dunnett is one of my favorite fiction series of all time.  It follows the adventures of 16th century Scottish lord, Frances Lymond, as he spies and intrigues his way across Europe involving himself in all the major political machinations of the time.  Dunnett loads the books with obscure literary allusions and touches on so many intricate historical happenings that I can't imagine a better series of books for which to have a Companion.  I'd love to do a re-read of the chronicles with this book in my hot little hands.

3. Murder on St. Mark's Place by Victoria Thompson

I just finished reading the first in this series, really enjoyed it and bummer!  My library doesn't seem to have the second book in the series though it has the later books in the series:( It's a cozy mystery series set in late 19th century New York and features a midwife and a police detective as the investigators.  The closest comparison I can make is an American version of Anne Perry's Charlotte and Thomas Pitt mystery series.

4. The Other End of the Leash by Dr. Patricia McConnell

Dr. Patricia McConnell is one of the best dog trainers/behaviorists out there.  She has a really deep understanding of the place where dogs come from and how people can and should relate to them.  I think I'd like to have this one around the house on a permanent basis to refer to.

5. Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

It seems like everywhere I go, people are throwing parades of rainbows and puppies in celebration of Rainbow Rowell.  Nothing to be done but join the parade, I suppose.

6. One Good Turn (Jackson Brodie #2) by Kate Atkinson

 The first in this mystery series was one of my favorite books of the year and I'd love to curl up with the next in the series.  Jackson's an intriguing main character and Kate Atkinson is a fantastic writer.

7. The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker

I've been eying this delightful looking book all year.  The story of two mythical creatures trying to make their way in turn of the 20th century New York.

8. Siege and Storm (Grisha #2) by Leigh Bardugo

I really liked Shadow and Bone, the first in this YA fantasy series, which features an interesting magic system and setting and a very engaging lead character/narrator.  I'm excited and a little nervous to see how Alina and Mal are faring  - could it live up to the first book?

9. The Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch

Much anticipated 3rd installment in the Gentleman Bastard series and book 2 ended on quite the cliffhanger. Definitely interested to find out what's up with Locke and Jean these days!

 I think that's it for me except to say that some of my favorite books over the years have not been books I've coveted but those given and recommended by a friend or family member.  So I'll leave the final spot to one of those.  Merry Christmas everyone!  May all your bookish wishes come true!


  1. Siege and Storm is amazing. I hope you get some great books this Christmas :)

    My Top Ten Tuesday

    1. Thanks! I'm glad to hear it doesn't suffer from second-book-in-a-series-syndrome. That's a thing right? Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Eleanor and Park was such a good read...and I really like the cover of Republic of Thieves. Hopefully you'll find some of these under your tree.

    My TTT is here.

    1. I honestly don't think I've heard even a whisper of a negative thought about Rainbow Rowell's books and particularly Eleanor and Park. My only worry is that my expectations will be too high! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. The Golem and the Jinni was just wonderful! The writing is the best part of the book.

    1. Even if I don't find it under the Christmas tree, I will definitely be reading this one soon. It sounds amazing. Thanks for stopping by and endorsing The Golem and Jinni!

  4. The Golem and the Jinni is on my TBR list, along with the first of Scott Lynch's books (The Lies of Locke Lamora) and Leigh Bardugo's series. I hope Santa brought you a few of these!

    1. The Locke Lamora series is so much fun - I hope you enjoy it and will look forward to a review!

  5. What a great list, I hope Santa came through. Rainbow Rowell is certainly everywhere, I haven't read any either, but am certainly very curious now. I've been meaning to read Kate Atkinson for years too.

    1. I hope you do check out Kate Atkinson soon - I really enjoyed Case Histories on multiple levels and thought she had a unique but by no means inaccessible writing style.

  6. Ahahaha puppies and rainbows ahahah ...but it's true.

    The Republic of Thieves!! Yes, yes, yes! (I still need to read the first 2 books. Maybe I'll do that before I request Fangirl at the library...) And I so want like 2/3 of this list...ahhhh I love knowing people who have similar taste to me outside of YA fiction (as well as inside, but that's most people I follow)