Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Garden Update - April 15, 2013

Yesterday it was 100 freakin' degrees here in central Iowa.  Less then 2 weeks ago we had 6" of snow.  I think mother nature has lost her ever-livin' mind, bless her poor mad self.  The garden is profoundly confused but doing okay for the moment. 

Rudy inspects the garden. Newly planted tomatoes look a.okay.  Also put in the cucumber seeds and the beets and carrots are just starting to look like real plants to the right. Sugar Snap Peas are starting to climb. Also planted here is spinach, lettuce, Lacinato kale, and basil.

6 peppers  - three Tolli's Sweet and three Pimentos. The left part of bed is planted to Empress beans.

Blueberry plants

Mostly Garlic with some shallots mixed in.  Looking sturdy but a little anemic. Added some organic fertilizer and  composted manure today to try and perk them up, hopefully not too late. Though you can't see them well, the chives and tarragon I planted this weekend are well and the rose is flourishing.  I decide this part of the herb garden would be mostly culinary. If you're wondering how to get the bare-dirt-desert-with-occassional-grass-tussocks look for your yard I recommend two big dogs in a small yard:0).

In the foreground  planted some chard, Kale and spinach a couple weeks ago - the only thing coming up is the spinach. Unfortunately I had dumped a bag of leftover top soil on this part of the bed and its forming a sort of crust whenever it dries even a little bit so I may scrape it off and replant though too many more 100 degree days will put the kibosh on that.  The half of the bed closer to the arbor is the other half of my herb garden which will be primarily tea, fragrance and bloom oriented.  You can't tell but I have some newly planted mint, chamomile, hyssop, bee balm, Echinacea, and butterfly milkweed and a pot of lavender.There is also a climbing rose planted here but I really don't think it gets enough sun.
All that's left to plant are my pots.  I have a couple varieties of hot peppers and a couple more tomato plants to put in those. 

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