Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What Canceled Television Shows Most Deserve Another Season?


One of my favorite websites, Television Without Pity, posted the following question on their Facebook PageWhat show do you wish got brought back for another season?

And because I have truly my dork cred honestly through years of hardcore Joss Whedon obeisance, my instant thought was of course Firefly.

Firefly, all 14 episodes of it, is actually my favorite of Joss Whedon's shows (in case you are a well-adjusted person who does not obsess over sci-fi TV shows, others include Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Dollhouse).  I feel like everything about it is pretty close to perfect - the cast, the wild west tinged yet futuristic universe, the fantastic storytelling that had just started to bloom, the characteristic Joss Whedon humor.  Sigh.... This may actually be my favorite 14 episodes of television of all time. The movie's pretty excellent too. Perhaps it's perfection is directly tied to it's short-lived status - It didn't have time for the characters to become annoying or the story lines to derail - but I'd really like to see some more of this universe.  I'd like for it to have the chance to suck.  And, of course, if we are talking reality I think the biggest challenge might be not being able to wrangle up all the original cast.  I think it might be a different beast without Wash and Shepherd Book but I think Joss would make it interesting regardless.

My second show, which I shamelessly stole after seeing someone else post it, is Deadwood.  This show was mesmerizing and mind blowing and I remember thinking that there was no way it only had three short seasons.  There was so much more steam and profound profanity left in this show.  The cast was also, well, special. A true ensemble with everyone bringing something awesome to the screen.

And I just realized I'm apparently obsessed with Westerns. Hm. Good to know.

There's a couple of others that floated across my mind.  Veronica Mars of course but only if we could go back to the goodness of Seasons 1 and 2.  And also it looks like there may be a movie which is something.  Stargate SG-1 but only if a 50 year old version of Richard Dean Anderson came back and new writers were brought in to finally bring undeniable closure to just what exactly is going on between Jack and Sam.  The Mighty Boosh could use another season stat but not sure if that's not a possibility at some point.  I'd love to see more X-files.

What shows do you most wish would make a comeback and why? 

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