Monday, January 7, 2013

Favorite Glee Episodes, S.2

I thought it was time for another installment of Glee love.  Below are my favorite episodes from Season 2.  What are your fave eps or moments from this season?


Grilled Cheesus

Why it’s a favorite: As was clear from my preferences in season 1, I am a sucker for Kurt and Burt’s relationship.  This is a pretty heavy episode which is generally NOT what Glee does well but they did this one pretty well.  If you don’t weep uncontrollably during I want to hold your hand, well then you’re nothing like me ‘cause I become a blubbering mess Every. Single. Time.  I also actually appreciated the frank discussion about religion and spirituality.  Specific moments I like:  Finn and Emma’s talk, Kurt talking to his dad at the end, Finn not having a serious bout of food poisoning after eating a week old grilled cheese.


Why it’s a favorite:  Lots of nice musical numbers and the beginning of Rachel and Kurt’s friendship.  I “shipped” Kurt and Rachel as besties from the beginning and never really bought into Kurt and Mercedes’ friendship so I love this moment.  Not to mention that the duet they sing rocks.  Other great stuff:  River Deep, Mountain High, Sing from Chorus Line and Mercedes screaming the last “sing” into Santana’s offended bitch face,  Finn and Rachel’s “outrage” over the reaction to their duet, Lucky, Brittany sadly pushing the meatball across the plate with her nose.

Never Been Kissed

Why it’s a favorite: Blaine!   ‘nuf said. I LOVE Blaine and would go so far as to say that he was one of the best things to happen to Glee.   And he gets one of the best introductions of the whole show with the Warbler’s version of Teenage Dream. The charisma, the flirty eyes….its no wonder Kurt is practically jumping up and down in by the end of the number.   Other stuff: Bob Marley, “I’m gonna have to stare at some wounds”

Special Education

Why it’s a favorite: This is season two’s sectional episode and as such has a lot of great drama and music.  I love the dancing in the second sectional number New Direction’s performs – Mike and Brittany can cut a serious rug.  Kurt has his first day at Dalton and has some problems adjusting to the very different atmosphere. Favorite moments:  the magic comb, Puck getting his world rocked, “If we lose we should throw opossums”, Hey Soul Sister, Tina’s zombie cheerleading uniform, Don’t cry for me Argentina, Blaine signaling Kurt to stop with the dramatic arm raising, more Rachel-Kurt Bonding, Dark Days are Over.

Silly Love Songs

Why it’s a favorite: Lots and Lots of stupid, adorable, humiliated Blaine. And the first baby steps towards Klaine – a nice turning point.    Highlights:  Kurt’s understandable misunderstanding in the initial Blaine plans, Kurt, Rachel, and Mercedes bonding over their diva-ness, two Blaine songs, Laura and Santana’s smack down ending with Bieste carrying Santana off over her shoulder, “Was it too much?”…bitch face from Kurt… “It was too much” – Yup it sure was… but AWESOME, the conversation between Blaine and Kurt in The Lima Bean, Firework,  the final scene at Breadstix. 

Original Song

Why it’s a favorite:  I’m not that crazy about the alluded to original songs (except Only Child and Trouty Mouth of course).  What I love about this episode is all the crazy wonderful shenanigans that go on at Dalton.  Misery might be my favorite Blaine/Warblers song and we learn that you better hide your homework when Blaine’s in a singing mood because he likes to toss papers about along with his furniture-jumping  fetish.  Blackbird is probably my favorite Kurt song.  And then there is of course the sweetest and possibly hottest kiss between these two adorable boys.  I’m also partial to  Raise Your Glass  Other magic moments:   Blaine’s face of dawning realization during Blackbird, Blaine’s monologue leading up to the kiss – so we know the writers can throw down some serious romance, why aren’t all the relationships on this show so heart melting?; Loser Like Me is pretty fun.

Born this Way

Why it’s a favorite: Finally an episode in season 2 that isn’t my favorite because of Blaine and Kurt.  I like this one for Emma’s storyline – the scene with the therapist is really sincere and heartfelt.  It’s one of a handful of the times this show handles a more serious theme well.  Other stuff that’s cool: Unpretty/I Feel Pretty mash-up, Santana’s intervention with Karofsky,  Kurt’s back!;  Somewhere only we know, everybody’s self love t-shirts especially Brittany’s and Puck’s. 


Why it’s a favorite:  While I don’t particularly love the storyline about Sue’s sister dying, I love the other part of this episode:  soloist auditions and Jesse St James, reality show judge.  Favorite moments:  “You kind of sing and dance like a zombie that has to poop”; Back to Black; Some People”;  Word to Jesse’s comments to Mercedes though I do love her song (I think Jon Cryer lip-synced it better though),  My Man ...guh…; Kurt not being able to keep his seat in response to the aforementioned song, Finn breaking up with Quinn, Jesse mugging to the camera, Santana smoking cigars to get that raspy edge to her voice.

New York

Why it’s a favorite: Well it’s a competition episode which puts it towards the top of the pile.  I think I just really, really love Rachel and Kurt’s breakfast at Tiffany’s and Wicked adventure and the solidification of their best friend status.  Other great moments: My cup; the first group that performs in these white flowing baby dolls dresses while busting a serious hip hop move, Rachel making it right with Sunshine, Aww… Jesse loves Rachel ,  AND Jesse being so, so right about the silly kiss, Kurt’s excitement about the trip despite losing and his face when Blaine tells him he loves him.

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